Things that Affect the Performance of Your Furnace

There is a lot of dependable info about furnace performance online. However, there is a lot of misinformation as well.

Winter is almost coming. Sooner or later, people will be preparing for the cool weather and packing up their sweaters. This is the time where your furnace will have to work hard to make your home comfortable.

Today, we are going to share with you some things that can affect your furnace’s performance. If you need a tune-up before the winter season arrives, always hire a residential HVAC St Catharines Ontario company.

High-Efficiency Furnaces

You may be under the assumption that an energy-efficient unit will solve your issue if the furnace is draining your wallet but not heating your house. You probably think that you’ll have a lower utility bill if you’ve got an efficient furnace.

However, that is not the case always.

While it is true that an energy-efficient furnace will reduce the cost of heating the house, you’ve got to ensure that you have handled any other issues that can be contributing to efficiency. This includes consistent use, cracks and gaps in your windows and doors, poor insulation, and much more. It does not matter if you’ve got an efficient furnace. These things will affect the price of your utility bill.

Thermostat Settings

Do you always come home from work shivering inside your house as you remove your jacket? Do you always have to adjust the thermostat?

Most people probably have experienced this. They immediately assume that you can make your home warmer as fast as possible by adjusting the thermostat.

Unluckily, a furnace can only generate so much heat at any particular time. It does not matter what your thermostat setting is. If you set it higher, you’ll simply forget it later on. This leads to unnecessary energy use. Always set the thermostat to a temperature you are comfortable with. Then, turn the thermostat down a couple of degrees if you are feeling brave. Over time, minor savings can add up. You may find that you are simply as comfortable with a bit of lower indoor temperature.

Furnace Filters

Airborne particles, such as animal dander, dust, dirt, and much more can all become trapped inside the filter and make it harder for the furnace to distribute hot air across your home. It is true that you’ve got to replace the filter regularly. This will help guarantee that the furnace is able to run at maximum efficiency and that the quality of your indoor air is excellent.

Furnace Maintenance

Perhaps you have heard that furnace maintenance is the ideal way to avoid having to purchase a new furnace.

Though HVAC service providers are there to help you, you’ve got to remember that they are also operating a business. This can make it hard to determine when you really have to invest in regular maintenance. However, furnace maintenance is extremely vital. It will enable you to spot small problems that you can fix right away before it comes major one.

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